Zubax Myxa

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Zubax Myxa is a high-end PMSM FOC motor controller (FOC ESC) for light unmanned aircraft and watercraft.

Myxa is designed for use in propulsion systems of light unmanned aerial, underwater, and surface vehicles. The controller provides up to 600 W of continuous power output and supports a wide range of operating voltages from 12 to 50 V (LiIon 4–12 S).

Note that Myxa ships without cables. Please add the necessary cable set to your order manually.

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More info is available at the product home page.

Enclosure options

The following enclosure options are available. Regardless of the chosen enclosure option, all versions of Myxa are conformal-coated, which provides resilience against moisture, aggressive chemicals, corrosion, and abrasion. See the pictures for details.

  • Bare board - just the conformal-coated Myxa PCB. Ideal for deeply embedded applications where size and weight are critical and the environment is well-controlled.
  • Aluminum enclosure (with embedded heat sink) - this option should be chosen for high-power applications, or where the device is expected to operate in a high-temperature environment with reduced convection. The aluminum enclosure provides excellent protection against mechanical damage and improved heat dissipation. The mass of the aluminum enclosure is 55 grams.
  • Plastic enclosure - this option is recommended for weight-sensitive applications. The enclosure is 3D-printed from ABS, HIPS, or nylon; please get in touch for additional options and special requests.
  • Polyolefin envelope - this transparent polymer envelope offers insulation and some protection against abrasion.


  • Propeller and fan drives for light unmanned aerial vehicles.
  • Pump and propeller drives for unmanned watercraft.
  • CMG drives for LEO spacecraft.

Communication interfaces

  • CAN bus
  • UART
  • USB
  • RC PWM

Zubax Myxa is compatible with the open Dronecode Autopilot Connector Standard.

Myxa A vs Myxa B

Myxa A is optimized for cost-sensitive systems, whereas Myxa B targets mission-critical applications.

 Feature Myxa A Myxa B
Applications Cost-sensitive Mission-critical
Number of CAN bus interfaces 1 (non-redundant) 2 (doubly redundant)
BEC power output N/A 5 V, 0.2 A (can be disabled)
Mass 26 g 27 g
Dimensions 55✕35✕19 mm 55✕35✕20 mm
Price €99 €179


More info is available at the product home page.