Zubax Télega

Zubax Télega is a high-end multipurpose permanent magnet electric motor control solution for robotics, industrial drives, electrical vehicles, and aerospace applications. Telega employs a cutting-edge field-oriented control algorithm with patent-pending enhancements that enable highest efficiency and excellent performance characteristics. A wide variety of supported communication interfaces and auxiliary features enable easy integration into the end application.


Advanced motor control algorithms ensure highest efficiency for sensored and sensorless drives.


Télega is equipped with an extensive set of functions and communication interfaces that render it suitable for various applications.


High efficiency and the resulting decrease in heat dissipation allows Télega-based drives to achieve higher performance in smaller form factors.


Zubax Robotics is the developer and the maintainer of UAVCAN — an open data bus standard designed for aerospace and robotic applications. UAVCAN is now an integral part of the DroneCode (Linux Foundation) core infrastructure and is used by numerous vendors and companies all over the world.

Open Standard

UAVCAN is an open standard that is free to use for everyone, and it will always remain this way. High quality open source implementations are available.

Feature Rich

Peer network, pub/sub exchange, RPC, time synchronization, modular redundancy, and more features are supported out of the box.

Easy to Adopt

The entry barrier is low thanks to the simple specification, free high quality software libraries, and easily available development tools.