Zubax EPM


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Zubax EPM is available for pre-order only. The estimated shipping date is late September/early October.

Zubax EPM is an electro-permanent magnet designed for aerospace and robotic applications. It combines the advantages of electro- and permanent magnets by being able to switch between the on-state and off-state on demand (like an electromagnet); while consuming zero power in either state (like a permanent magnet). The device supports the following communication interfaces: 

  • Cyphal/CAN FD control with diagnostic telemetry;
  • RCPWM control input;
  • voltage level control input;

More info is available at the product home page.


Three types of EPM are available:

  • EPM401M - optimized for cost-sensitive applications.
  • EPM401MA - nearly a drop-in replacement for OpenGrab EPM v3.
  • EPM402M - optimized for mission-critical applications.
Feature EPM401M EPM401MA EPM402M
Mass 70 g 70 g 70 g
Dimensions 40✕40✕30 mm 40✕40✕30 mm 40✕40✕30 mm
Cyphal/CAN iface (non-redundant)  (non-redundant) 2 (doubly redundant)
Analog iface No Yes No



  • Payload attachment in aerial vehicles.
  • Workholding in CNC machines, manipulators, and robots.
  • Magnetic locks, clamps, and holders.