Myxa evaluation kit


Regular price €359.00

The Myxa evaluation kit contains a single Myxa in an aluminum enclosure and a set of accessories:

  • Myxa A2 or B2
  • Babel, plastic enclosure
  • UCANPHY Micro patch cable, twisted
  • UCANPHY Micro termination plug
  • RC PWM adapter cable for Myxa
  • DCD-Mini standard debug cable
  • Micro USB cable, type B, double shielded
  • DIN 912 stainless steel socket head cap screw, M2.5x6 mm, 4 pcs

Zubax Myxa comes with Telega firmware installed. You can choose between Telega v0 (UAVCAN) and v1 (Cyphal). The differences are explained here.

Everything can be ordered separately as well, of course.