Sadulli integrated drive - open-hardware reference design for Mitochondrik LV


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Sadulli comes with Telega firmware installed. You can choose between Telega v0.6 with DroneCAN and Telega v1.0 with Cyphal. The differences are explained here.

Sadulli is an open hardware reference design for Mitochondrik LV. The hardware sources can be found on GitHub:

Sadulli is an integrated drive for unmanned aerial applications that contains a motor and its control electronics in a compact enclosure. There are three design variants of the Sadulli drive. All of them share the same ESC design.

Feature Grosso Piccino Nudo
Continuous power 500 W  450 W -
Supply voltage 4...8 S, 10...34 V 4...8 S, 10...34 V 4...8 S, 10...34 V
Communication interfaces UAVCAN & RCPWM UAVCAN & RCPWM UAVCAN & RCPWM
Two integrated temperature sensors for the motor and the control electronics Y Y Y
Weight 220 g 141 g 75 g

Variant Motor Propeller diameter [inch] Propeller pitch [inch] Optimum thrust [N] Max thrust [N] Mass [g]
Grosso SunnySky V4014 17 6.2 15 39 207
Piccino SunnySky V4006 15 5.5 7 15 128
Nudo N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 62


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