Zubax Heidy


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Zubax Heidy 300 is an electric motor test rig designed for testing, tuning, and evaluation of electric motors and electric motor controllers. It is arranged in the coaxial configuration with two motors facing each other and mechanically coupled, such that one of the motors acts as the load for the other; alternatively, the load can be implemented as a hysteresis brake or a similar mechanism. Note that neither the motor nor the brake is included.

The motor mounting plates are compatible with a subset of IEC 60072 frames as well as the majority of drone motors, thanks to the universal mounting fixture. Refer to the drawing for details.

A small set of commonly used shaft couplers is included for quick start purposes.

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  • Dimensions: 600x300x195mm
  • Mass: 14 kg
  • Minimum and maximum motor mounting plate separation: 10-400mm
  • Maximum torque: 500 Nm
  • Follows the IEC 60072 standard; fully supports IEC 63; partially supports IEC 71, 80, 90.

    Included components

    • Universal joint: 6x4/5/6/8mm, 10x8/10mm (1pc each)
    • Flexible coupling: 6x3/4/5/6/7/8/10mm, 10x4/5/6/8/10mm (1pc each) — Torque limit: 0.6 Nm
    • Rod: 6/10x1000mm — can be cut to the desired length (1pc each)